Summary of Research Accomplishments


          I am a Research Scientist at The University of Texas at Austin, U.S.A. In 2014-2016, I worked as Head of Department in the International Research Center for Photonics and Metamaterials, where I have gained the experience of creating a lab from scratch. In my 30 years, I have already over 8 years of experience in photonics and materials science, over 5 years of overall teaching experience, 5 successfully supervised projects with the Total Budget more $500,000, and several supervised and co-supervised master and postgrad students. I am an International Expert in two Grant Foundations and a Referee in more than 20 journals. I have worked in international teams of three research institutions and gained a deep understanding of the research process organization and workflow.

          My research interests are in the areas of applied physics, photonics, and nanotechnology, with a particular focus on innovative and extreme aspects of wave interaction with natural and artificial materials. My recent research work spans a broad range of topics including extreme scattering engineering, nanoparticles, nanoantennas, active devices and advanced metasurfaces, optics of 2D TMDC materials and low-loss dielectric nanostructures. I have extensively worked on translating and exploiting well-established methods and concepts from plasmonics to low-loss all-dielectric nanophotonics. The gold medal of Nobel Laureate Zhores Alferov’s Foundation recognized my outstanding results.

          I have authored and co-authored more than 90 scientific contributions published or under review in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters and peer-reviewed conference proceedings, receiving more than 1200 citations in the past three years (see publications and citations dynamics below). My papers have appeared in several high-impact journals, including Nature Reviews Materials, Material Today, Advanced Materials, Nano Letters, Nanoscale, Physical Review Letters, Laser&Photonics Reviews, and Optica. National and international media outlets have highlighted some of my recent research works.

Full time course for MSc in Quantum optics

Far Eastern State Technical University,
Vladivostok, Russia.
Awarded MSc degree (magna cum laude)



  • Institute of Automation and Control Processes, Vladivostok, Russia


  • Advisor: Prof. Vladimir Dzyuba

Research activity: I have developed a theoretical model of the laser radiation transmittance of insulator nanocomposites containing low concentrations of nanoparticles and proved it experimentally. I have gained the experience in theoretical and experimental photonics and laser techniques, which allowed me to win a competition for a research position in the Laboratory for Metamaterials opened in the framework of MEGAgrant headed by Prof. Yu. Kivshar [].

ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Awarded PhD in May 2013 (magna cum laude)



– 2016


Doctor of Science (Habilitation)

  • ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Ph.D in physics


Nov 2016

Research Scientist

Professional Experience

The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, USA


  • Advisor: Prof. Andrea Alù
  • Research activity: Plasmonic and dielectric nanoparticles and nanostructures: giant optical magnetism, unidirectional surface plasmon-polaritons launching, all-dielectric nanostructures, and metamaterials. Light interaction with hybrid exciton-polariton nanostructures based on metallic/high-index dielectric nanoantennas and TMDC materials. Scattering engineering at the extreme with metamaterials and plasmonics: bound states in the continuum, ideal light capturing with virtual light absorption, Fano resonances in nanostructures, hyperbolic metamaterials.



  • Heads of the Research Center: Prof. Yuri Kivshar and Prof. Pavel Belov
  • Activity: I have provided scientific and technical leadership for my division of the International Research Center in the areas of theoretical and experimental nanophotonics. I have also provided fiscal stewardship and developed a strategy for department development and growth. I got the experience of creating a laboratory from scratch.



  • Metamaterials Laboratory, ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia


  • Advisor: Prof. Pavel Belov, Co-advisor: Prof. Yuri Kivshar

Research activity: My research program was focused on tunable, switchable, nonlinear and sensing functionalities of different nanostructures and metamaterials. I have initiated and supported a breakthrough research program underpinning the rapid development of a new generation of low loss nanophotonics based on the physics of high-index optically resonant dielectric structures for the emerging field of metadevices with unique functionalities. The outcomes of my research have been enabled the design and world-first experimental demonstration of ultra-thin, tunable, and energy-saving, low-loss metasurfaces for novel optical technologies with unique energy harvesting, switching, and sensing functionalities.