In this research, I have demonstrated theoretically and via experiment that silicon (Si) nanoparticles have the ability to display a magnetic resonance in the visible portion of the spectrum. As such, these nanoparticles have applications in lossless magnetic response at high frequencies, which is one of the novel capacities that is extremely valuable for utilization in next-generation optical computers. My research in this area has shown that dielectric resonators are capable of many of the same qualities as plasmonic particles, which are metal-based nanoparticles commonly used in current photonic devices. The advantages of high-permittivity particles over the plasmonic variety are apparent in the lossless aspect of their interaction as well as in the enhanced scattering, absorption cross-section, high-frequency magnetism, and negative refractive index. Additionally, I have recently demonstrated the inherent self-design principles in all-dielectric nanoantennas and thereby proven their superior performance.

All dielectric nanoantennas and nanostructures