Alex Krasnok

Recently dielectric particles with a high dielectric permittivity (e.g., crystalline silicon nanoparticles) have been proposed for the effective control of light at the nanoscale. It has been shown that these nanoparticles have a both electric and magnetic response that allows controlling the electric and magnetic components of light, simultaneously.

Moreover, it was shown that these nanoparticles do not suffer from strong dissipative losses due to the absence of free charges which makes them very attractive for the development of effective nanophotonic components: nanoantennas met surfaces and metamaterials. More recently, it turned out that the dielectric nanoparticles are extremely attractive for the study of their nonlinear optical properties. It was found that, like bulk samples of the dielectric, such as crystalline silicon, dense electron-hole plasma in dielectric nanoparticles can be generated by an external laser radiation. Due to the resonant properties of such nanoparticles, the dense electron-hole plasma can be produced at significantly lower density of energy of the laser radiation. The presence of such plasma in nanoparticles does not lead to a strong increase in the dissipative losses, but significantly changes its scattering properties.

This project aims to make the next step in this area: to develop and create the nonlinear and active components of the all-dielectric nanophotonics. Scientific problem that we solve here is to study the various methods of creating nonlinear optical effects in dielectric nanoparticles and their ordered arrays, such as the dense electron-hole plasma generation and changing of material phase between crystalline and amorphous states

As a result of the project, dielectric and hybrid nanostructures and metasurfaces will be designed, fabricated and studied. These structures will have a variety of functional abilities: from the all-optical management of bandwidth, reflective and polarizing properties up to higher optical harmonics generation.

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